5 Alternatives To Broadband | Get Internet Without ADSL/Fibre

Person plugging an Ethernet internet cable into a laptop.

If you live in a rural area with slow broadband speeds, or you’re fed up with the inflexibility/high cost of broadband, you might be looking for an alternative way to get online. In this guide, we’ve explained five alternatives to using traditional fixed-line broadband. We’ve also explained the advantages and disadvantages of each solution. Broadband … Read more

Study: Ranking UK Broadband Providers’ Sustainability Commitments

Yorkshire countryside in the UK.

Compared to other utility providers, especially energy companies, you might not think that broadband providers generally have a significant carbon footprint. However, the truth is that large internet service providers can have a considerable environmental impact, especially those that own and operate their own fibre networks. Building, upgrading, and maintaining broadband networks produces large amounts … Read more

How To Save Money On Broadband – 7 Methods

1. Take advantage of social tariffs If you’re on benefits, you might be able to take advantage of special social broadband tariffs. These social tariffs allow you to get a lower monthly cost and a more flexible contract than you would normally be able to. Here are some of the broadband providers that currently offer … Read more

Best Cities For Gamers | Worldwide Rankings

  Best Cities For Gamers Worst Performers   Complete Rankings* Our Comments “ Depending on what you’re looking for, there are a number of different cities that would make a great place to live as a gamer. Cities such as Bucharest scored well due to their cheap, fast internet, and low costs of living. Other … Read more