Study: Ranking UK Broadband Providers’ Sustainability Commitments

Yorkshire countryside in the UK.

Compared to other utility providers, especially energy companies, you might not think that broadband providers generally have a significant carbon footprint. However, the truth is that large internet service providers can have a considerable environmental impact, especially those that own and operate their own fibre networks. Building, upgrading, and maintaining broadband networks produces large amounts … Read more

Best Cities For Gamers | Worldwide Rankings

  Best Cities For Gamers Worst Performers   Complete Rankings* Our Comments “ Depending on what you’re looking for, there are a number of different cities that would make a great place to live as a gamer. Cities such as Bucharest scored well due to their cheap, fast internet, and low costs of living. Other … Read more

Gigabit Broadband Performance Index 2023

Gigabit broadband index first place award - Community Fibre.

Alternative fibre broadband networks (known as altnets) have seen significant growth in the UK over the past five years. In many parts of the country, if you want fibre broadband, your choices are no longer limited to either Openreach or Virgin Media – you also have the option of choosing a smaller, alternative fibre broadband … Read more

Best Cities For Geeks In The UK | 2023

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Best UK Cities for Geeks Top 25 Best Cities for Geeks To Visit or Live* Best Performers: Download Speeds For many geeks, good download speeds are an absolute must. You need fast broadband to be able to download video game updates quickly, and stream your favourite Star Trek series without experiencing buffering. Cities outside of … Read more