Broadband Latency Explained | How To Reduce Your Ping

Broadband latency diagram.

Wondering what latency means, and how you can reduce it? In this guide, we’ve explained broadband latency. We’ve discussed what latency actually is, what happens if you have high latency, and how you can improve your latency with a few easy steps. What is broadband latency? In broadband terminology, the word latency refers to how … Read more

Broadband vs Internet vs Wi-Fi | The Difference Explained

A WiFi broadband router.

When people say “broadband”, “internet”, and “Wi-Fi”, what do they mean exactly? In this guide, we’ve explained the difference between the words Wi-Fi, broadband, and internet. Let’s begin. Definitions First, here are what the three terms actually mean: Broadband refers to the use of high-capacity communication technologies to transmit or receive data to or from … Read more

Broadband vs Fibre vs Dial-Up | The Difference Explained

Fibre optic cable.

You probably hear the terms “broadband,” “fibre” and “dial-up” all the time. But what are the exact differences between these words? In this piece, we’ll explain the differences between some of the common internet jargon you’re likely to hear when shopping for a new broadband plan. Definitions First, let’s take a look at what each … Read more