5G Broadband vs Starlink Satellite Internet | Key Differences

Satellite broadband obstruction diagram.

Not sure whether to choose 5G broadband or Starlink internet? In this article, we’ve explained the difference between these two types of broadband services, helping you decide which is best to buy. Let’s get started. Download and upload speeds Using 5G internet, you can typically expect download speeds of about 150-300 Mbps, sometimes peaking much … Read more

5G Broadband vs Fibre Internet | What’s The Difference?

Three 5G Hub front.

If you’re considering buying a 5G internet plan, you might be wondering how this technology compares to a fixed fibre broadband connection. In this guide, we’ve explained the differences between 5G and fibre broadband, based on our experience testing services such as Three’s 5G Hub, as well as BT, TalkTalk, and Plusnet fibre broadband. Let’s … Read more

5 Alternatives To Broadband | Get Internet Without ADSL/Fibre

Person plugging an Ethernet internet cable into a laptop.

If you live in a rural area with slow broadband speeds, or you’re fed up with the inflexibility/high cost of broadband, you might be looking for an alternative way to get online. In this guide, we’ve explained five alternatives to using traditional fixed-line broadband. We’ve also explained the advantages and disadvantages of each solution. Broadband … Read more