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Not sure whether to join Plusnet or TalkTalk?

We’ve tested both of these broadband providers, and in this article, we’ve explained the differences between them.

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Both TalkTalk and Plusnet use the Openreach broadband network, which is owned by BT, to deliver their broadband service.

This means that both providers are available in almost the entire UK, and offer packages with a similar range of download and upload speeds.

TalkTalk also uses the CityFibre network in some areas, giving them slightly better coverage.

Using TalkTalk, you can get download speeds of up to 944 Mbps on their fastest plan, while you can get up to 900 Mbps with Plusnet, in full fibre areas.

If you don’t need ultrafast download speeds, both providers offer fibre plans with approximately 70, 150, 300, and 500 Mbps as well.

There is also an 11 Mbps ADSL tariff available with both providers, if you can’t get fibre broadband at your address.

Like on their fastest plan, TalkTalk generally offers slightly faster download speeds across the board. Both providers’ upload speeds are quite similar – within at most five megabits of each other, most of the time.

From our testing, both Plusnet and TalkTalk offer consistent download and upload speeds. We’ve never had issues with slow downloads on either provider.

However, it is worth noting, Plusnet offers a minimum speed guarantee, unlike TalkTalk.

This gives you the ability to leave the contract, if your speeds ever drop below the minimum level.


Having fast speeds is good, but if your connection isn’t reliable, you’re in for a bad time.

As we just mentioned, we’ve seen good reliability with both Plusnet and TalkTalk. However, Ofcom has also performed more extensive research into how stable each provider’s speeds are.

According to Ofcom, 83% of Plusnet customers are satisfied with the speed of their service, compared to 76% of TalkTalk customers. The average of all major broadband providers is 80%.

Therefore, Plusnet is generally more reliable than TalkTalk, in terms of the average download speeds and Wi-Fi signal you’ll be receiving.

This might be in part because of the minimum speed guarantee you get with Plusnet, which TalkTalk doesn’t currently offer.

Customer service

According to the same Ofcom customer satisfaction studies, Plusnet offers better customer service than TalkTalk.

They have higher customer satisfaction, and fewer customer complaints.

  • TalkTalk overall customer satisfaction: 78%
  • Plusnet overall customer satisfaction: 89%
  • TalkTalk customer complaints: 67 (per 100k customers)
  • Plusnet customer complaints: 46 (per 100k customers)

The reason Plusnet performs so much better is most likely the fact that they use BT’s UK-based customer support team, because they’re owned by BT.

BT customer support is generally known to be quite helpful, and is also very responsive.

From our test of Plusnet Full Fibre, we found that their support team is quick to answer the phone, and are knowledgeable about basic to intermediate-level issues at least.

However, according to Ofcom, TalkTalk is quicker to answer the phone, with an average hold time of just over a minute, instead of more than two minutes with Plusnet.

When we used TalkTalk Full Fibre 150, we found their customer service to be quite good, although we never encountered any major issues to test them with.

When we asked for ways to reduce our bill for example, they suggested removing our landline connection, which cut our monthly cost by a few pounds.

The one issue with TalkTalk is their live chat can be quite unresponsive, and is often difficult to reach someone on. It’s much better to call them, if you can.


Plusnet currently offers their Smart Hub 2 router on all plans, which is the same router used by most BT customers.

Plusnet Smart Hub 2 router.
Plusnet Smart Hub 2 router.

From our testing, this router performs well in small to medium-sized houses.

While it does offer good Wi-Fi signal, it has some limitations.

Only three of the included four gigabit Ethernet ports on this router are usable, as one is a WAN port, and must be used for your internet connection if you’re on a full fibre plan.

Plusnet Hub 2 router back.

Also, this router doesn’t offer WiFi 6 or WiFi 7 – the latest standards – meaning its signal strength could be better.

However, we were still able to get good signal with this router. You might just need a Wi-Fi signal extender if you have a large house.

We’ve also tested TalkTalk’s more basic Wi-Fi Hub router, and found its performance was similar to the Smart Hub 2.

Reverse of the TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub router.

It offers about the same level of Wi-Fi signal strength and speeds, but you get an extra Ethernet port with TalkTalk’s Wi-Fi Hub.

The good thing about TalkTalk though is if you sign up for one of their full fibre plans, you’ll get a more modern Amazon eero router, which supports WiFi 6.

You’ll get the eero 6 with Full Fibre 150, or the eero 6 Pro with Full Fibre 500 and Full Fibre 900.

TalkTalk also gives you the option to get additional Wi-Fi boosters as needed when using one of their eero routers, helping you to get even better signal.

Overall then, TalkTalk is a better choice if you want the best Wi-Fi signal strength, especially if you buy one of their full fibre broadband deals.

Add-ons, offers, and extras

Both Plusnet and TalkTalk offer very little in the way of included extras or other add-ons you can choose to include with your broadband plan, compared to some other providers.

With Vodafone for example, you get free gifts included as a new broadband customer, such as an Apple TV device. Neither TalkTalk nor Plusnet does this sort of thing.


While neither broadband provider has cable TV, you can choose to get a basic TV streaming box with TalkTalk Broadband, and bundle Netflix or NOW TV – a streaming service from Sky.

This package allows you to save a bit of money compared to buying Netflix or NOW TV separately, which is nice, and it doesn’t require you to lock into a long-term TV contract.

Plusnet does not offer any TV add-ons at the moment.

Home phone

In ADSL and superfast fibre areas, both Plusnet and TalkTalk offer a landline service, with pay as you go calls.

However, in postcodes with Openreach ultrafast fibre, you can’t get a home phone service with Plusnet or TalkTalk. You’ll need to use a separate VoIP service, or choose a provider that offers landline plans.

If you can get a home phone service included, TalkTalk is a better choice for international calls, as their overseas calls package has more included minutes.

There are also evening and weekend and anytime calling plans available with both providers, which are almost identical in terms of what they offer, although Plusnet’s calling add-ons are a bit cheaper.


Plusnet has a customer rewards programme, which allows you to get the occasional discount with retailers like The Body Shop, and Audible.

They also have antivirus software, called Plusnet Safeguard and Plusnet Protect, which use Norton technology, but aren’t really worth paying for compared to a free antivirus like Windows Defender.

TalkTalk offers a similar product called SuperSafe, which uses F-Secure instead of Norton antivirus technology.

You also get something called HomeSafe as a TalkTalk customer. It acts as a web filter rather than an antivirus, and is included free of charge on all plans.

Once activated on your account, it blocks websites TalkTalk considers unsafe, and you can also set up parental controls and usage limits for your kids if you want.



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Plusnet and TalkTalk’s prices are very similar.

At the moment, TalkTalk is slightly cheaper when it comes to ultrafast broadband, while Plusnet offers better prices on superfast broadband plans.

We’d recommend going to both Plusnet’s website and TalkTalk’s website to see which offers better prices at any given moment.

It’s also worth noting, both providers increase their prices each year in line with inflation, just like most other major broadband providers.

Even if you’re in contract, your monthly cost will increase by a few percentage points each April.

Also, both Plusnet and TalkTalk only offer 24 month contracts at the moment on all of their broadband deals.

Verdict: should you choose Plusnet or TalkTalk?

In general, although these two fibre providers are very similar, we think that Plusnet is a slightly better choice than TalkTalk.

They have better customer service, and a minimum speed guarantee. Their real-world download speeds are also slightly more consistent, according to Ofcom data.

However, TalkTalk is also very price competitive, and they offer a better Wi-Fi router on their faster broadband plans.

While their customer service is worse than Plusnet’s, on average, we’ve found TalkTalk’s support and billing teams to be quite helpful when using their Full Fibre 150 service.

Still not sure whether to choose Plusnet or TalkTalk? Leave a comment below, and we’ll help out.

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