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Searching for a broadband deal that comes with unlimited anytime landline calls?

In this article, we’ve reviewed and compared five of the best broadband and anytime calls deals you can buy in 2024.

We’ve also explained what to look for when choosing a broadband deal with unlimited landline calls.

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Best unlimited phone and broadband deals

Let’s begin our reviews.

Below, we’ve looked at the best broadband plans that come with unlimited landline phone calls, as well as unlimited data usage.

1. Vodafone Broadband + Xtra Package

Currently, you can get anytime landline calls to UK numbers if you buy a Vodafone Broadband plan with their “Xtra” add-on.

The great thing about this Xtra package is it doesn’t just come with inclusive calls.

You also get an Apple TV 4K device, which you can sell if you don’t want to use Apple TV. But if you do want to use it, Vodafone includes 24 months of Apple TV+ (Apple’s version of Netflix) with this plan as well.

Vodafone Broadband is quite reasonably priced, and has no upfront costs. However, they do have a 24 month minimum contract, which is quite a long commitment to make.

On the plus side though, Vodafone offers a discount on broadband for existing Vodafone pay monthly mobile customers, which is a nice touch.

Also, on their more expensive Pro II Broadband plans, you get a number of additional benefits included, such as a 4G internet backup device, keeping you online if your internet ever goes down.

Vodafone logo.
Overall value


  • No upfront fees.
  • Xtra plan comes with a range of benefits as well as unlimited calls.
  • Reasonable monthly costs.
  • Can get even more extras with Pro II plans.


  • 24 month minimum contract.

2. NOW Broadband Super Fibre

NOW Broadband is a great choice if you want unlimited broadband and calls for the cheapest possible price.

This provider is much more basic than most other options, such as Vodafone. They don’t include much in the way of extras or other benefits, allowing NOW to offer very low monthly costs.

Each of their broadband plans comes with unlimited data. To get anytime calls as well, you’ll need to include an unlimited calls add-on.

Fortunately, this add-on is reasonably priced, and there is also an evening and weekend calls option as well, if you’d prefer to save a bit of money.

Another good thing about NOW Broadband is they only have a 12 month contract. You don’t need to commit for a really long time, if you don’t want to.

Plus, you can also choose to have just a 30-day contract, if you want the extra flexibility, and don’t mind paying a higher upfront cost.

The only real downside to NOW is they don’t offer ultrafast full fibre broadband. Your speeds will be limited to up to 100 Mbps with this provider in most areas.

100 Mbps is enough bandwidth for most families, but it’s not extremely fast.

Overall value


  • Low monthly costs.
  • Choice of a 12 month or 30-day contract.
  • Reasonably priced calling add-ons available.


  • Can’t get ultrafast download speeds.

3. Virgin Media M250 + Anytime chatter

If you want ultrafast fibre broadband and anytime landline calls, Virgin Media is definitely worth looking at – if they service your area.

You can get download speeds of up to 1,130 Mbps with Virgin Media Gig1, but their M250 plan is much cheaper, and offers plenty of bandwidth for most people.

They’re also rolling out a 2,000 Mbps plan across their network at the moment, which is becoming available in some areas.

Virgin Media’s anytime calling plan is reasonably priced, and their broadband deals are also relatively cheap, given the download speeds on offer.

There is an issue with Virgin Media though: their customer service isn’t the best. If you ever have an issue with your Wi-Fi speeds, or billing, it can sometimes be a bit challenging to get the problem resolved.

Also, as we touched on, Virgin Media isn’t available everywhere in the UK. However, you can get their broadband service in more than half of the country, so it’s worth going to their website and using their coverage checker if you want fast fibre broadband with inclusive landline calls.

Virgin Media logo.
Overall value


  • Fast download speeds.
  • Reasonable monthly costs.
  • Fairly cheap calling add-ons.


  • Below-average customer service.

4. italk Full Fibre 50

italk is an Openreach broadband provider (meaning they’re available nearly everywhere) that offers some of the cheapest calling add-ons in the country.

You can get inclusive anytime calls for a very low monthly cost, and their evening and weekend bundle is just £2 per month at the moment.

Their broadband plans are also quite reasonably priced, although there is a small installation fee you have to pay to get started.

Like NOW Broadband, italk is another relatively basic provider, helping them to offer these low monthly costs on unlimited broadband and phone plans.

They do have a 24 month minimum contract though, which is a bit of a downside.

Also, on their anytime calls plan, you’ll begin being charged for calls over 60 minutes in duration – you’ll need to remember to hang up and call back to avoid paying extra.

A good thing about italk Broadband though is they promise no mid-contract price rises, which is a nice touch. Most other providers raise their monthly costs each year, even if you’re in contract.

italk logo.
Overall value


  • Great value for money.
  • No mid-contract price rises.
  • Evening and weekend calls plan is particularly cheap.


  • 24 month contract.

5. TalkTalk Broadband and Calls

Historically, TalkTalk has had a large focus on broadband and landline bundles, as their name suggests.

These days, their full fibre broadband service is more of a priority. They offer ultrafast download speeds, with unlimited usage, and their router and customer service is quite good.

They also have a good range of calling plans you can choose to add on, each of which is quite reasonably priced.

However, there is an issue: you can’t get a landline service with TalkTalk if you live in a full fibre area.

If you go to their website, put in your postcode, and their “full fibre” deals show up, you won’t be able to bundle a home phone service with TalkTalk Broadband.

In areas with only superfast fibre broadband though, TalkTalk is a good choice.

They’re quite basic, similar to NOW Broadband, but offer faster speeds, and as a result, they’re often a bit more expensive.

TalkTalk logo.
Overall value


  • Good value.
  • Fast download speeds.
  • Great customer service.


  • Can’t get a landline service with a full fibre broadband plan.

What you need to know

Landline home phone.

In this part of the article, we’ve explained some important things to consider when shopping for a broadband plan with inclusive anytime calls.

Which providers offer unlimited broadband and calls?

Over the past few years, a number of broadband providers have stopped selling internet and anytime calling plans.

There are only a few providers on the market that still do this, including:

  • Vodafone (anytime calls included with Xtra add-on)
  • NOW Broadband (separate add-on)
  • Virgin Media Broadband (separate add-on)
  • iTalk (separate add-on)
  • TalkTalk (separate add-on, but home phone service is not available in full fibre areas)
  • Shell Energy Broadband (separate add-on, but home phone service is not available in full fibre areas)
  • Direct Save Telecom (separate add-on)
  • EE (separate add-on, relatively expensive)
  • BT (separate add-on, very expensive)

In this article, we’ve just focused on the first five providers, since the other providers’ calling plans are often quite expensive.

For example, BT and EE’s anytime call add-ons often cost more than £20 per month. With most other providers, you can expect to pay about £7-£10 per month, which is much more reasonable.

How broadband and anytime calls plans work

Landline phone keypad.

Most of the time, to get broadband and anytime calls, you first need to choose a broadband deal, then add on a calling pack.

It’s quite rare for a broadband plan to come with unlimited landline phone calls by default, unless you pay more for it.

The good thing is, this allows you to choose the broadband plan that works for you. You don’t need to choose a specific type of broadband package to get unlimited internet and calls.

Once you buy a broadband and calls bundle, you’ll most likely have entered into a 12, 18, or 24 month contract for broadband, unless you’ve chosen one of NOW Broadband’s 1 month contracts.

However, the calling aspect of the bundle does not normally have a contract associated. This means that if you ever want to stop paying for anytime calls, you should be able to do this on a month to month basis.

Do I need anytime calls?

Most broadband providers have a few different options for customers looking to make landline calls.

  • Pay as you go calls: this is the default option with most broadband providers. You’ll pay about 10-15p per minute for each phone call made to other UK mobiles and landlines. There might also be a call connection charge. It’s also worth noting, you might have to pay a higher monthly cost just to get a pay as you go landline connection, even with no calling minutes included. This is especially likely if buying a full fibre broadband plan.
  • Evening calls: you’ll get inclusive landline calls to UK numbers in the evening, typically from 7pm to 7am. Outside of these hours, you’ll pay the regular per-minute calling rate.
  • Evening and weekend calls: same as above, except you’ll also be able to make free calls on weekends as well.
  • Anytime calls: you’ll be able to call UK mobiles and landlines at any time, without paying extra.

Note that even if you have an inclusive calling plan, your provider may still charge you for calls made in certain situations.

For example, sometimes you’ll begin paying a per-minute charge after the call has been going on for 60 minutes. You can get around this by hanging up and calling back, but it’s important to know what restrictions like this are in place.

Unless you use your home phone every day, or every other day, it might not be worth paying extra for an unlimited calls plan.

In many cases, it can make sense to just get evening calls, or pay as you go, depending on how often you use your landline, and what the per-minute calling rates are.

What broadband plan should I choose?

Fibre optic cable.

As well as choosing a calling package, it’s also important to consider what broadband tariff you should choose.

The main thing that determines what broadband plan you should buy is its download and upload speeds.

If your broadband isn’t fast enough, you’ll experience buffering when watching videos, and downloading files will take a very long time. When multiple people get online, your internet will slow down.

On the other hand, if you pay for too much bandwidth, you’ll potentially be wasting hundreds of pounds each year on your broadband bills.

You can use our broadband speed needs calculator to find out what bandwidth it’s worth paying for. And you can use our postcode checker to see what speeds are available at your address.

When choosing a broadband plan, you should also consider:

  • The provider’s customer service. Read Ofcom’s customer satisfaction report to get an idea of which providers offer the best service.
  • Whether the package comes with any extras, and whether you think it’s worth paying more for these benefits. Vodafone’s Pro II plans for example have a lot of extras, and are quite a lot more expensive as a result.
  • If your mobile phone provider sells broadband, they may have benefits on offer if you sign up for an internet plan. For example, Vodafone Broadband comes with a discount for pay monthly mobile customers.

Do I need to pay for line rental?

You will typically need to pay an extra charge to get a landline service with your broadband connection in the UK at the moment.

This extra charge used to be line rental, and was included in the monthly cost of a broadband connection, since everyone needed a phone line to get online.

However, in fibre to the premises (FTTP) areas, it’s now a specific charge that you have to pay to get a landline, since full fibre broadband connections do not require the household to have a phone line.

Therefore, you will only need to pay for line rental if you live in an area without FTTP broadband. If you live in an FTTP area, you’ll have to pay a different monthly fee to get a landline, which may even be bigger than what line rental would cost.

Broadband usage limits explained

BT Smart Hub 2 router.

These days, all fibre broadband plans come with unlimited data usage.

You don’t need to worry about finding an unlimited broadband plan – it’s only inclusive landline phone calls you need to pay more for.

However, do note that most broadband providers have what they call fair usage limits.

A fair usage limit basically means that you can’t use your home broadband connection for business purposes.

If you download huge amounts (multiple terabytes) of data each month, you might find your broadband provider will shut off your connection.

How to keep your landline number when changing broadband provider

To keep your current landline number when switching broadband providers, all you need to do is give your new provider your current number when you buy your new broadband package.

Even if you’ve cancelled your old broadband contract already, as long as it’s been less than a month since you did this, you can still keep using your current home phone number.

Learn more about the process of changing broadband providers.


This is the end of our buyer’s guide.

Most of the time, Vodafone is a good choice if you want broadband and landline calls, especially if you like the look of the other extras that Vodafone offers new customers.

On the other hand, if you want to save money, and don’t want to pay more for the extras that Vodafone offers, NOW Broadband is definitely worth considering.

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  1. Very informative…easy explanation on each company …so helpful for when you want to switch companies when existing contracts expire…thankyou

  2. As plain language as possible. What is the cheapest Broadband with Landline calls only, without any catches as I am a pensioner. Everybody wants to rips you off. I’m with Sky at the moment with the TV package but it is far to expensive for me. Can you help me?

    • Hi Terrance,

      That would probably be NOW Broadband. Their Fab Fibre package is cheap, relatively no-frills, and comes with unlimited anytime landline calls.

      The catch is, at the end of 12 months, the price will go up, so you need to be careful of that. However most providers do this – the difference is it happens sooner with NOW since the contract is only 12 months. After a year, you either need to switch provider or enter into another contract with them.

  3. hi, can you help me? When I search for broadband in my area, NOW comes up as available, yet, when i try to get the deal it says NOW BROADBAND isn’t available to my postcode..

    i am very confused

    • Hi Rachel,

      Comparison sites sometimes give incorrect results when you put in your postcode. It’s best to use the official Ofcom coverage checker: https://checker.ofcom.org.uk/en-gb/broadband-coverage

      If the checker says that Openreach is available (which is what NOW Broadband uses), this is a bit odd. You might have to contact NOW and ask if they have an issue with their website. Alternatively, you could consider John Lewis broadband. Although they’re a bit more expensive, they also offer broadband and anytime calls on a 12 month contract.


  4. Hi dear
    I am with virgin at the moment and I was not happy from the start all the way through i had many many issues with virgin untill now which i am getting to the end of the agreement ( thank God for that) so would you please direct me what packages are available ? If you mark the virgin with a Red pen then i am having 6 options well i hope i be able to set up a new agreement asp cheapest price and hassle free is my priority thank you for giving us this chance and help to find out a suitable agreement.
    Kindly a customer

    • Hi Omid,

      If you’re looking to save money as much as possible, NOW Broadband is a good choice. It’s quite simple, doesn’t cost much, and includes anytime calls.

      If you were with Virgin Media because of the speeds they offered, then Shell Energy Broadband can offer speeds of more than 100Mbps, provided you get Openreach fibre in your area. They will be a bit more expensive, however.


  5. Hi

    Very informative. One question re any time calls . We have quiet bad reception on our mobile so if I am trying to sort out an issue with a store or insurance and need a while to hang on waiting for information the land line is best
    Would you suggest it is best to pay for any time calls

    • Hi,

      That might be a good idea if you end up making a lot of calls for that reason. You might want to investigate if your phones are compatible with something called “Wi-Fi calling”. This basically means that your mobile uses Wi-Fi signal rather than the mobile network to make calls, which could help to overcome your poor signal.


  6. I am with Sky at the moment and have to switch as contract ends in July. I spoke to someone who has suggested I have Shellenergy Anytime calls with broad band @ £28.60 mnth contract 18 mnths. Phone usage once a month but mobile phones about once a week. Have I got the right deal.

    • Shell Energy Broadband isn’t a bad choice, but you might not need anytime calls if you’re only using your landline once a month. You might be able to just use an evening/weekend calls package, depending on when you’re making calls, or pay as you go. I believe Sky charges 11.5p per minute at the moment, to give you an idea of what per-minute call charges look like.

  7. Hi Tyler Iam looking for a fast fibre service with unlimited eurpopean calls included does community fibre offer this ? My current provider SKY does but their inyernet deal is expensive for the slow speed they are providing

    • Hi Nigel, unlimited European/international calls isn’t something Community Fibre offers. BT does offer included international minutes but it’s also quite expensive. Might be better to save WhatsApp or similar if possible if you want to save money.



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