BT Deals For New Customers 2024 | Broadband And TV Offers

Considering buying a broadband deal or a broadband and TV deal from BT?

In this guide, we’ve explained the BT Broadband deals that are currently available for new customers. We’ve looked at the value for money and performance of their broadband bundles.

Let’s begin.

BT broadband deals for new customers

Here are the BT broadband deals currently available, and the differences between them.

Below, we’ll compare broadband offers for new customers available from BT.

1. BT Full Fibre 1


BT logo.

Average speed

36 Mbps


£33.99* a month

*increases on the 31st March each year by approx. £1.50

This package is the cheapest superfast fibre BT broadband package at the moment, in most areas. It offers good download and upload speeds for smaller households, with up to 1-2 people online (or maybe 3, if someone doesn’t use the internet very much).

The upload speed is quite good with this BT Broadband package, at 10 Mbps. This is plenty for most small families – if you upload a video to Facebook, you’ll be able to do it quite quickly.

However, sometimes this plan doesn’t come with a BT reward card, which is a bit of a downside.

This reward card is normally worth about £50, or more than £2 per month over the life of the contract. Therefore, it may be worth paying more for a faster plan, and using this reward card on groceries or other essentials, to save money overall.

2. BT Full Fibre 2


BT logo.

Average speed

74 Mbps


£36.99* a month

*increases on the 31st March each year by approx. £1.50

With Full Fibre 2, your download speed increases by nearly 50% compared to Full Fibre 1. This plan offers a decent amount of bandwidth for families – you won’t suffer from slowdowns or dropouts with 3-4 people online at once on this BT superfast fibre broadband plan.

Of BT’s three main broadband packages, Full Fibre 2 is probably the best value for money, since it doesn’t cost much more than Full Fibre 1. And you also get a much faster 20 Mbps upload speed, despite this plan not being that much more expensive.

Also, you normally get a BT reward card with Full Fibre 2, as well as the more expensive deals we’ve looked at below.

3. BT Full Fibre 100


BT logo.

Average speed

150 Mbps


£29.99* a month

*increases on the 31st March each year by approx. £1.50

Despite the name being Full Fibre 100, you actually get a 150 Mbps average download speed with this tariff, which is plenty for most households, even for those who work from home.

Compared to Full Fibre 2, you get a better upload speed with this deal, at 30 Mbps instead of 20, making cloud syncing and social media sharing much faster.

The best thing about Full Fibre 100 though is BT often offers it at a cheaper price than some of their other, slower deals. If this plan is on promotion at the moment, it’s definitely worth looking at.

4. BT Full Fibre 500 & Full Fibre 900


BT logo.

Average speed

Up to 900 Mbps


Up to £44.99* a month

*increases on the 31st March each year by approx. £1.50

If you live in certain locations, you can also get access to BT Full Fibre broadband deals. These deals are only available if you have Openreach ultrafast fibre available in your area. Currently, about 12.5 million homes in the UK can get this broadband service.

For those living in these areas, here are the deals BT offers, and their average speeds.

  • Full Fibre 500 – 500 Mbps download speed, 73 Mbps upload speed
  • Full Fibre 900 – 900 Mbps download speed, 110 Mbps upload speed

BT’s ultrafast broadband deals can be a bit expensive. They’re only really worth buying if you often download large files from the internet, and want to make this process as efficient as possible, or if lots of people often use the internet at once.

If you want to save money, Full Fibre 150 is a better choice, provided only 3-4 people get online regularly at home.

BT broadband and TV deals for new customers

If you want access to TV channels, you can also bundle broadband/TV with BT.

At the moment, these add-ons are branded as EE TV, but it works in much the same way that BT TV always has.

To create your own bundle, you can choose a BT Broadband plan, and add on the TV package you want from the list below at checkout.

Each of the following TV packages comes with:

  • The EE TV Recordable Box, which offers 300 hours of recording space. TV channels are delivered over your broadband connection, rather than using a dish like Sky does, meaning you’ll need internet access to watch TV. To get TV in another room, you can add a second EE TV Box to your order for an additional £10 per month.
  • All Freeview channels, such as the BBC, ITV, and Dave.

1. Entertainment


BT logo.


Sky Entertainment, discovery+ & Sky Originals


£20 a month

*increases on the 31st March each year by approx. £1.50

With BT Entertainment, you get:

  • A NOW Entertainment Membership – which includes a range of Sky TV channels such as Sky Atlantic and Sky Max.
  • Sky Originals (sort of like Sky’s version of Netflix or Apple TV – includes original movies, documentaries, and dramas made by Sky, as well as HBO series such as Game of Thrones).
  • discovery+ Basic – Disney’s streaming service.

The range of channels available with BT Entertainment is very good. The one thing you’re missing out on is movies – you’ll only get the films available through Sky Originals. See “BT Big Entertainment” below for a better choice of movies.

2. Sport


BT logo.


TNT Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, & Eurosport 1 and 2


£16 a month

*increases on the 31st March each year by approx. £1.50

With BT Sport, you get access to all TNT Sports channels, giving you the ability to watch the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, Serie A, Ligue 1, and the UFC, plus more.

Note that this plan doesn’t give you the ability to watch all Premier League games, but you will be able to view all European football matches.

Given the number of matches you get, BT Sport is great for football fans. Their UFC coverage is also very good – you get to see nearly every fight live, with only a few pay per view events, unlike in the US. However, for other sports like basketball, tennis, and F1, the regular BT Sport package is a bit underwhelming.

3. Big Sport


BT logo.


TNT Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, all Sky Sports channels, & Eurosport 1 and 2

*increases on the 31st March each year by approx. £1.50


£45 a month

*increases on the 31st March each year by approx. £1.50

BT Big Sport gives you access to everything contained in the above package, plus:

  • A NOW Sports Membership, giving you access to all Sky Sports channels. Meaning, you can watch more Premier League games, the Bundesliga, Formula 1, cricket, golf, darts, and more.
  • Eurosport 1 and 2, which includes tennis, cycling, and snooker, plus more.

This bundle isn’t cheap, but it offers almost everything you’d want as a sports fan.

There are some omissions, such as La Liga, which you need Amazon Prime for, but BT Big Sport offers a comprehensive range of channels.

4. Big Entertainment


BT logo.


Sky Entertainment, Disney+, Sky Originals, Sky Cinema, & NOW Cinema


£30 a month

*increases on the 31st March each year by approx. £1.50

This bundle gives you the ability to watch the TV channels contained in BT Entertainment, plus:

  • All Sky Cinema Channels.
  • More than 1000 on-demand movies, with a NOW Cinema Membership.

BT Big Entertainment is quite simple really – if you want to catch up on movies, and you like the range of films available with Sky, it’s a great choice. On the other hand, if you don’t plan to watch movies, you’ll save money by sticking to BT Entertainment.

5. BT Full Works


BT logo.


TNT Sports, Sky Sports HD, Eurosport, Sky Entertainment, Sky Originals, Sky Cinema, & NOW Cinema


£78 a month

*increases on the 31st March each year by approx. £1.50

BT Full Works is a combination of BT Big Sport and BT Big Entertainment. You get all of the channels included in these two other bundles.

At this point you might be wondering, why is BT Full Works more expensive than buying the other two packages separately?

With BT Full Works, you get a NOW Boost, which offers:

  • No ads when watching NOW TV on-demand.
  • Full HD 1080p Sky Sports, rather than 720p regular HD. You can also buy an HD/4K option separately to achieve this.
  • The ability to use NOW TV on up to three devices, rather than just one.

Ultimately, for the small extra cost per month, the NOW Boost is quite good to have. You also get Netflix Standard and discovery+ Premium included as well, which is nice.

Advantages of BT

If you’re considering BT Broadband (and also possibly BT TV), here are some advantages they have when compared to other providers.

  • New BT customers get a “Stay Fast Guarantee”, rather than just an average download speed. This gives you a bit more protection against sudden drops in speed. Not all providers offer a minimum speed with their superfast fibre broadband – most just quote an average.
  • Their TV bundles are very comprehensive, and are quite flexible. You can upgrade or downgrade your TV packages each month, even during your 24 month broadband contract. You can’t remove it completely though – you’ll have to get Entertainment, at the very least.
  • You can get ultrafast fibre broadband speeds, if you live somewhere with good network infrastructure.
  • You get free access to BT public Wi-Fi hotspots as a BT Broadband customer, as well as discounts on BT Mobile.

Disadvantages of BT

However, there are also some downsides to going with BT Broadband:

  • If you want to get the best possible price, you have to buy BT Broadband on a 24 month contract. 12 month deals are available, but they’re more expensive.
  • They sometimes charge an upfront cost, especially if you add TV to your bundle.
  • BT is not the cheapest fibre broadband provider in the UK. There are budget providers that offer a lower monthly cost than BT superfast fibre and ultrafast fibre.
  • Their landline calling minute packages are often quite expensive, relative to the competition. BT is not the cheapest if you like to use your phone line.

How to switch to BT

Person searching for broadband on a laptop.

Once you’ve ordered BT Broadband on their website as a new customer, here’s what happens next:

  1. BT will confirm your order and post your new WiFi router, as well as your TV box if you’re buying a TV bundle. They’ll also confirm your fibre broadband activation date.
  2. If you’re switching to BT from Virgin Media or another non-Openreach provider, you will need to arrange to cancel your old connection at this stage, if you haven’t already. You will likely need to give 30 days’ notice. However, your old connection won’t need to be switched off before you can begin using BT.
  3. If switching from another provider that isn’t Virgin Media, BT will contact them and arrange the cancellation of the old connection for you.
  4. An engineer visit will be scheduled, if necessary. They may need to set up your broadband service, especially if you’re buying fibre broadband for the first time, and they can help you set up a TV aerial, if you don’t have one already. This is necessary to access most Freeview channels. You can also choose to have an engineer come to your house to help you set up everything for you, if you’d prefer.
  5. You will need to set up your BT Smart Hub, if an engineer hasn’t already done so. Simply take it out of its box, connect the two parts of the mains plug together, and plug it into a power socket. Then, use the included phone cable to connect the router to the phone line master socket. Afterwards, power on the router, and wait for it to set itself up.
  6. You will need to set up your TV box, if an engineer hasn’t already done so. To do this, first plug it into your TV, using the included HDMI cable. Then, plug the TV box into a socket, and connect the aerial cable, which might already be plugged into the back of your TV. Turn on the set top box, insert the batteries into the included TV remote, and follow the instructions on-screen to connect to your BT Smart Hub router over Wi-Fi. Alternatively, connect the two devices using the included Ethernet cable.
  7. Once your broadband is activated, you can get online using the Wi-Fi details provided with the router.

The whole process should take about two weeks.

Is BT’s router any good?

BT Smart Hub 2 router.

Nearly all BT Broadband deals come with the BT Smart Hub 2 Wi-Fi router.

The Smart Hub 2 is quite good for a free router included by a broadband provider. It has everything you’d expect from a modern Wi-Fi router, including dual-band 2.4Ghz and 5GHz Wi-Fi, and smart channel selection, helping to minimise Wi-Fi interference and ensure a better connection.

It also includes some things which are quite nice to have from a free router. The Smart Hub 2 has seven antennae, rather than the typical five, and as a result, the Wi-Fi signal strength on offer is very good. Plus, the Smart Hub 2 will reboot itself automatically if it detects that it needs to, in order to improve performance.

Read our review of BT Broadband to learn more about this router.

Is BT’s set top box any good?

Currently, if you buy BT TV, you’ll get the EE Recordable TV Box, or the EE TV Box Pro on some more expensive plans.

The good thing about both of these devices is you can connect them to your BT Smart Hub 2 over Wi-Fi. There is no need to route Ethernet cables all the way into your living room, if you don’t want to.

You also get 1TB of recorded TV storage with this box, which is rated at about 600 hours. It supports 4K, as well as HDR, meaning colours look great if you have a good TV.

Just remember, you’ll need to buy additional boxes to watch TV in multiple rooms with BT. These cost £10 per month.

Conclusion – should you buy BT Broadband?

BT is a good choice if you want superfast fibre or ultrafast fibre broadband with a minimum speed guarantee, rather than just an average speed, and don’t mind the 24 month contract. Their hardware is quite good, and they offer ultrafast broadband at certain locations.

Also, their TV packages are quite flexible – you can remove BT Sport during the summer if you’re mostly interested in football. They also offer the ability to watch Sky TV without being a Sky customer.

However, BT is not the cheapest broadband and TV provider – there are less expensive options out there. Also, the default BT Sport package is a bit lacklustre, unless you’re mostly interested in the Champions League, and UFC.

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    • Hi, that price sounds about right assuming you are getting full fibre broadband. We would recommend clicking through to Sky, BT, and Virgin Media (if they service you), adding all the options, and seeing which is the cheapest.


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